Civil Recording is a full service recording studio located in the heart of Denton, Texas (just north of Dallas).
Civil is owned and operated exclusively by award winning engineer Michael Briggs.
 We proudly work with all genres of music and consistently produce professional results that our clients are thrilled with. 

Denton is a beautiful and unique little city that has great food and local culture as well as a great proximity to both Dallas and Fort Worth.
We welcome out of town bands to come and make this a destination recording session.
Come and stay in one of the many great Airbnbs or hotels in town while we work together to make the best record possible.

Civil is fully equipped to record full bands live to capture the energy and feel of the performance while isolating the guitar amps from the drums for the best sound quality and ease of doing punches or fixes later. This gives the best of both words with the energy of playing live in the same room along with the sound quality of single tracking. I am of course willing and able to do individual instrument tracking if you require or prefer that extra time and attention to detail to make sure everything is just right.

I’m a coffee nerd/obsessive and I roast coffee right here in the studio which I am very happy to share with the bands who come to record. Many people have come to know and expect great coffee on their visits. I stock mostly African coffees (Ethiopia and Kenya are my favorites) and brew as pourovers.

I pride myself at being very efficient and quick at finding great sounds and tones with instruments and not taking forever to get ready to record. You can be assured that we will make the most of our time recording.

Let me know via the form below if you have any questions at all or if you’d like a rate quote. 

Deep Red recording session 2019. Photo by Jackie Marie.


Close proximity to Dallas, Ft Worth and DFW Airport
Driving distance from Austin, Houston, San Antonio
Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado

Available to do mobile location recording
Usual Studio Hours: 11am – 8pm
Michael Briggs – 940-441-3995 –

Denton Recording Studio | Dallas Recording Studio | Ft Worth Recording Studio
Listed in the “Top Ten Best Recording Studios” in Dallas / DFW
Recording for all genres including rock, metal, indie, folk, pop, hip hop, etc.

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