Award Winning Engineer, Mixer and Producer
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Completely kills it!! Every artist who works with him will agree 100%! Extremely professional, knows what he’s doing, and is very easy going. Every question I had about the process was answered in extreme detail, and most importantly, the final product sounds amazing! I tend not to trust a lot of people’s ear because I’m a biased know it all musician like the rest of us, but Michael hears EVERYTHING I hear, so it was a breeze working with him during the mixing phase.
– jarrod estes of felt and fur

about michael

Michael Briggs is an award winning audio engineer specializing in mixing, mastering and recording for all genres.

Based in Denton, Texas and mixing worldwide.

I have over 18 years of experience with audio and have had the great privilege to work with hundreds of bands across just about every genre there is.

I have had the pleasure to work with over 300 artists on over 400 releases and over 2,100 songs. My experience with all types of situations and styles of music means I can handle your project with skill, professionalism, attention to detail and a creative seasoned musical ear.

2019 – Best Sound Engineer – DAM Awards
2019 – Best Producer – DAM Awards
2018 – Best Sound Engineer – DAM Awards
2017 – Best Sound Engineer – DAM Awards

2020 – Best Producer – Central Track
2020 – Best Recording Studio – Central Track
2019 – Best Producer – Central Track
2019 – Best Recording Studio – Best of Denton County
2017 – Best Recording Studio – DAM Awards
2018 – Best Recording Studio – DAM Awards

Some artists I’ve worked with

Includes recording, mixing, mastering and the Violitionist Sessions

Mountain of Smoke
Amanda Palmer + Neil Gaiman
La Dispute
Modern Baseball
Tiny Moving Parts
Tera Melos
Zechs Marquise
Murder by Death
Two Knights
Mars Williams
Jesus Chris and the Beetles
New Science Projects
Helium Queens
The Angelus
The Undoing of David Wright
Pinkish Black
Bludded Head
Rei Clone
Flesh Born

Lorelei K
David Liebe Hart
Big Hand // Big Knife
Claire Morales
Sarah Jaffe
Sarah Carrino
Eat Avery’s Bones
Flesh Born
Portrayal of Guilt
Giant of the Mountain
Flesh Narc
Mr Breakfast
The Octopod
Nervous Curtains
The Happy Alright
Empire! Empire!
Wrought of Obsidian

…and hundreds more.

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